Body, Mind and Spirit
A lifelong journey of Movement Meditation
Making exercise a joy, a skill and an expression of your passion for being alive

Practice and focus

Performance is the product of practice and focus. Progress is a natural state of staying focused.

Develop a subconscious understanding of the techniques until they become reflexes, they become fluid and effortless and so their effectiveness will be at least ten times better. “Be as water my friend”.

It’s not just about the physical practice, but about the mental attitude changes the practice brings you.

Integrative training

Equal attention to the Body, Mind and Spirit; combining timing, balance, rhythm, coordination, proprioception, strength, inner power, conditioning, mobility and agility.

A lifetime of learning

In the pursuit of excellence there is no finishing line. If it was easy everybody would do it but you will be stronger and better because of it.  There is much to do and not a moment to lose. 

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Liberating and empowering

If you train and practice movements, not muscles, the mind and body will thrive. If there are elements of skill, physical and mental endeavour and fun, you will be hooked. You’ll find it invigorating and uplifting.


When you focus on the whole, the result is more than merely the sum of its parts; you take it with you, wherever you go and in whatever you do. It can lead to intense feelings of well-being and happiness.

Train and practice anywhere, anytime

You don’t need a gym.  The outside and your home is your ‘Dojo’; the perfect environment to empower you and for your health and well-being to flourish.  You will become extremely focused on what you are doing and you become fully aware of your unlimited potential in movement. 

Lifelong fitness

Keep learning, improving and refining to build radiant health and make you feel young again. Mobility and body alignment for restoration and regeneration.

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Holistic Fitness and Wellness

Unique 1-2-1 Physical Culture training and skill practice, including; Kettlebell training, Indian Gada/Mace, Indian Clubs, Persian Meels, body-weight training and restoration.  Making you stronger, healing you and empowering you to be more confident to train and practice independently.

IKFF CKT1 qualification

I am delighted to offer the International Kettlebell Fitness and Federation (IKFF) CKT1 qualification in the UK. I have now certified over a dozen kettlebell enthusiasts and fitness professionals to IKFF CKT standard, enhancing their lifting and coaching skills. The IKFF  leads the way globally in kettlebell training education and it continues to evolve through cutting edge athletic training and conditioning.

Kettlebell workshops

Full or half day workshops available.

Online kettlebell training

Personalised training plans with video analysis.

Preparation for IKFF qualification

For fitness professionals and enthusiasts.




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