Mike Eves


Kettlebell and Physical Culture Trainer


Lift, Cook. Smile, Repeat


Mike’s background: Mike has a passion and a long-term holistic approach to fitness and wellness, incorporating skill based full-body exercise, restoration practices and wholefood nutrition. Mike has been training for over thirty five years. During the 1980s he competed in Judo to a high level and was a member of Harrogate, York RI, Bradford Centre of Excellence and Leamington Spa  Judo clubs. He represented his county at U18 and U21 level and he was a Judo coach at Ashville College Sports Centre in Harrogate.  In the summer of 1988 he trained with the British Olympic Judo Squad in their preparation for Olympic Games in South Korea. Today, at the age of 50, he is fitter and stronger than he was over 25 years ago, he has unstoppable energy and is showing no signs of slowing.  Mike trains and practices with kettlebells, Persian Meels and body-weight exercises daily and eats predominantly whole foods; allowing him to smash through plateaus, rid himself from any joint pain, and make him feel young again with new possibilities for his health, fitness and vitality emerging daily.

Mike’s training philosophy

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Train and practice the fundamentals; it takes 500 hours just to START to be competent at anything, too much variety creates an illusion of progress,  so keep it simple, focus on technical proficiency and understand that you are in it for the long haul. Mike does not do anything that  cannot be done by someone who is determined and wants to free themselves from the machines at the commercial gym. Mike has trained hundreds of clients from a variety of backgrounds including; Survival experts, personal trainers, cyclists, triathletes, cross-fit trainers, strength athletes, martial artists, sports massage therapists, pilates instructors, yoga instructors, CHEK practitioners, dog agility trainers, accountants, solicitors, a fireman, company directors, sales managers, engineers, a railway signal controller, a member of the territorial army, farmers wives, house wives / husbands, a doctor, dancers and even the lead singer in a Queen tribute band! Mike encourages all to go deep inside themselves to see how much they are capable of. Dare to be different, find the fun, turn it into an art form and let your training and long term health reach a whole new level.

Accreditations and experience

  • England’s first IKFF Master Kettlebell Trainer (MT); mentored by World kettlebell expert Steve Cotter
  • IKFF Certified Kettlebell Trainer CKT; coaching kettlebells since 2010
  • NASM Certified Natural Fitness Trainer; certified by NBA Strength Coach Jon Hinds
  • Kettlebell sport athlete; 2017 English Open Pentathlon bronze medallist
  • Indian Club Trainer with the Indian Club Swinging Teaching Institute; mentored by Dr Mike Simpson and Dr Colin Hughes
  • Fitness program designing with progressions to all levels
  • Cooking with whole foods
  • 15 years in the sport of Judo; competing and instructing
  • Featured Coach on Breakingmuscle.com
  • Corporate Health and Well-being for Baxi Heating 
  • Guest kettlebell trainer at Hillmotts Fitness Retreats
  • QCF Accredited First Aider Level 3, including defibrillator training
  • Mindful Somatics; focus on the present
  • Fully insured with Protectivity


Key skills

Delivered with energy, enthusiasm and passion: Mike lives in the village of Lower Quinton just outside Stratford upon Avon with his wife and two sons. Mike has two gorgeous pedigree British Short-hair cats called Millie and Maddie, who often make impromptu appearances during training and practice sessions! We can all learn from observing their incredible, smooth and fluid  physical ability.



“I’m very impressed with your skill level and I love your positive attitude. Keep smiling and keep being awesome my friend!”

Steve Cotter, President of the International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation

“Mike is  a great trainer and I’ve learnt a lot from just one session”

Anthony Claxton, Blackpool

“The boredom of the treadmill and weight machines finally took their toll.  I was on the look for something new, something ‘old’ school and a good teacher.  I found both. Kettlebells (the IKFF way) and Mike Eves. Training is always fun with Mike. He emphasises the importance of being fluid and efficient with movement as the key to performance and to get the most out of your workouts. The good news is you don’t have to spend hours in the gym, a kettlebell and the great outdoors is all you need to ‘train smart’.  Mike’s training methods focus on the fundamental kettlebell lifts (swing, press, clean, jerk, snatch, long cycle, and Turkish get up) and these are the centrepiece of the workouts he has tailored for me with a few bodyweight exercises thrown in such as Hindu push ups, Hindu squats, pull ups and some ‘man makers’ for good measure. In 12 months, I am stronger, healthier and I feel more energetic than ever before. Mike has a wealth of knowledge and I’m constantly learning. Eischens yoga, QiGong and Indian clubs for restoration are awesome too. If you’re looking for real results,  get some kettlebells and Mike is your man”

Onkar Singh, Birmingham

“If you want energy, vitality, fitness and positivity then Mike’s your man. We’ve trained with Mike for over two years and couldn’t recommend him highly enough; you’ll learn new skills, get or keep fit, work hard but most of all you’ll have fun” 

 – Keith and Jean Griffiths, Evesham

“He is worthy of the ‘Master’ title” – Martin Lowe,  Brooklyn NYC

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