Indian Clubs, Mace, Kettlebells and Body-weight

Movements on these exercises must flow and should be smooth, fluid and efficient. This is where all the benefits come from.  It heals, strengthens and makes you better. Four to six rounds, moving from one exercise to the next. Concentrate on perfect form with full range of motion. Indian Clubs, alternating heart-shaped swings – 2 to 3 mins Sit-outs x 12 Hindu push-ups on yoga blocks x 10 Mace 360s: 30 secs clock, 30 secs anti-clock Then: Four to six rounds (same rules apply): Kettlebell swings – 20 x right, 20 x left Hindu squats x 30 Mace Grave Diggers. 10 x right, 10 x left Yoga headstand – 30 to 60 secs Restoration: Yoga and trigger point foam roller....
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