True Fitness Is A State Of Mind – Written by Anne Marber.

Forget What The Media Tells You – True Fitness Is A State Of Mind. The fitness and weight loss industry is huge. Everywhere, headlines scream about new ways to lose weight, to put on muscle, to eradicate cellulite and chisel your abs. New diets and fitness challenges appear every day, and quickly gather devotees. However, many if not most of these are doomed to fail. While some may see temporary results, the mindset that promotes appearance rather than general health does not stand people well in the long run if they want to maintain the levels of slim fitness they’ve attained during their gimmicky diets or muscle-piling challenges. Fitness is a mental state – and, in order to achieve that mental state, one must forget virtually everything that the established weight loss and muscle-gain industries tell us… Don’t Be Distracted By Shiny Equipment Fitness doesn’t have to be all about the gym. It doesn’t even have to be all about expensive fitness equipment. Of course, these things can be a great help – but the danger is often that they become either a distraction from the real business of honing your body, or the be-all-and-end-all, without which you believe that fitness is an impossibility. One must always remember that, while gyms are enormously beneficial for many people, they are also trying to make a profit. They therefore encourage users to believe that there can be no real gain in fitness without their facilities – which leads many to pin their fitness hopes onto gym machines rather than developing a focus and mental attitude which would undoubtedly benefit them more. It’s all too easy for individuals to neglect their health and fitness completely outside the gym. The simple truth is that you do not actually need the gym to get fit. Indeed, while gym equipment and the gym environment can greatly help many to develop that mental focus you need to get fit, if you have the right mental attitude, it’s completely possible to get fit without spending a penny. If you are the type to get easily distracted from the main issue – your own health and fitness – by shiny exercise machines and gym propaganda about weight loss, 30 day goals and so on, then you may be a lot better off spending your gym subscription money on holistic exercise classes, or a holistic personal trainer who will...
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Indian Clubs, Mace, Kettlebells and Body-weight

Movements on these exercises must flow and should be smooth, fluid and efficient. This is where all the benefits come from.  It heals, strengthens and makes you better. Four to six rounds, moving from one exercise to the next. Concentrate on perfect form with full range of motion. Indian Clubs, alternating heart-shaped swings – 2 to 3 mins Sit-outs x 12 Hindu push-ups on yoga blocks x 10 Mace 360s: 30 secs clock, 30 secs anti-clock Then: Four to six rounds (same rules apply): Kettlebell swings – 20 x right, 20 x left Hindu squats x 30 Mace Grave Diggers. 10 x right, 10 x left Yoga headstand – 30 to 60 secs Restoration: Yoga and trigger point foam roller....
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