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Earn your CKT:  I am delighted to offer the International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation (IKFF) CKT1 qualification in the UK. However, unlike many fitness certifications, you cannot buy an IKFF certification and it is never given to you; you must earn it through hard work and commitment to the program.  The IKFF  leads the way globally in kettlebell training education and it continues to evolve through cutting edge athletic training and conditioning. I have now certified over 25 kettlebell enthusiasts and fitness professionals to IKFF CKT standard, enhancing their lifting and coaching skills.





“Excellent IKFF L1 weekend thanks! Great tutor, great course, highly recommended”

– Mark Johnson, Whole Health Studio, Gainsborough

“Thanks to Mike Eves for running a great course! I’m going to sleep well tonight” 

– Darren Veitch, Survival Instructor, Oxford

“Thanks Mike for teaching all the fine details”

– Barry Andre, founder of the Rotterdam Kettlebell Academy, Netherlands 

“Learnt so much this weekend from Mike, he’s truly a kettlebell master!”

– Pete Galliot, UK BJJ Champion, Guernsey

“Mike oozed enthusiasm and professionalism from start to finish. His experience to know exactly how to cue me most effectively/efficiently for the most important technical issues without overwhelming, made it clear to me that he is worthy of the ‘master’ title – a term I see far too often abused these days”

– Martin Lowe, Fitness Trainer and Martial Artist, Brooklyn, United States

“Throughout my CKT weekend, Mike tirelessly took me through the modules, passionately and patiently explaining how to efficiently use a kettlebell. Never once did I feel unable to ask a question, and never once was Mike unable to give me a thoughtful answer.
The icing of the cake of the weekend was the CKT test, which I passed, but only because the new skills that I had learned from Mike only a very short time before. I had never managed the test before, but with my new knowledge on technique and breathing, I was able to complete with no real issues. Amazing weekend with a true expert in his field. Thanks Mike, you are a wonderful teacher. It was tough, but also a rewarding experience. I’m looking forward to building on from what I’ve learned”

Stuart Hook, Kettlebell enthusiast, Swindon

“I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend, it was certainly more of a challenge than I expected, but that’s no bad thing”

Chris Ashworth, Crossfit Trainer, Halifax

“Thanks for your excellent coaching, I learnt a lot to reinforce knowledge of kettlebells and not only that, the way you have communicated after the course has also been very helpful with the information you have sent”

David Popoola, Alphalifting, Birmingham

“Mike is a very experienced and excellent practitioner and instructor”

– Steve Cotter, IKFF President and Director

“Mike is one of our very best instructors”

– Ken Blackburn, IKFF International Team Leader, Director of Kettlebell Competitions 



Trainer: Mike Eves – IKFF Master Trainer


  • £600 GBP 
  • Existing CKTs less than 3 years, re-certify for only £150 GBP
  • Existing CKTs greater than 3 years, re-certify for only £300 GBP


To register an IKFF CKT Certification click contact me directly Here.


Alternatively  you can book a private 1-2-1 IKFF Certification £750. This is a two day 1-2-1 certification, please contact me for further information.

The IKFF CKT Kettlebell Certification Level 1 course is perfect for beginner, intermediate and even advanced kettlebell practitioners. You will learn the proper mechanics / alignment, breathing and ‘groove’ (kettlebell trajectory and position) for all the classical lifts.

The IKFF prides itself as being an evolving and ever improving organisation, thus, you can feel confident that you are truly learning a cutting edge system and methodology that will deliver results, while at the same time ensuring you and your client’s safety.

The CKT Level 1 course focuses on two high level points

1. Mastery of the fundamentals: You will learn all the key kettlebell exercises, several variations and most importantly, the key physical training principles underlying and associated with each movement.
2. Coaching skills: In addition to learning how to take your own fitness to higher levels, you will learn how to coach others safely and effectively utilising a process that has been refined over several years and thousands of clients.

Exercises covered

  • Swing
  • Clean
  • Press
  • Push-press
  • Jerk (taught but not tested)
  • Long cycle (clean and jerk – taught but not tested)
  • Snatch
  • Squat

What will you learn at a CKT certification?

Click here to learn more

1. The classical kettlebell lifts and their variations. 2. Why learning how to differentiate the different types of breathing and knowing how to apply them is so important to safety and efficiency. 3. How to properly execute all of the competition lifts involved in Russian Kettlebell Sport  4. How you can still achieve all of your fitness goals despite the challenge of limited time. 5. How to design a program for any fitness goal you or your clients may have; strength, endurance, work capacity and mobility. 6. Mobility and flexibility work specific to kettlebell training. 7. The necessary drills needed to help ensure you and your clients learn all the lifts safely. 8. Assistance exercises for competition training. These very unique exercises will take your conditioning and technique to new levels. 9. How to to dramatically reduce hand fatigue and tears in the snatch. 10. Learn what is YOUR best Rack position. 11. How kettlebells train your body to effectively manage any type of force encountered in the real world. 12. How to create the “blueprint” necessary for achieving mastery in Russian Kettlebell sport. 13. Learn how to integrate time based training and volume based training for extraordinary results. 14. Why kettlebells make you more resistant to injury. 15. Why learning to regulate your tension is a huge must in improving the efficiency of your lifts. 16. Why the neutral hand position allows you to avoid the typical ‘pump’ that is normally associated with high-repetition training. 17. And much more!


The IKFF prides itself on producing coaches that are the gold standard in the industry, thus, our criteria for passing is strict.

Attending / participating alone is not enough to obtain CKT status. You must meet the designated criteria connected to the technical and coaching components of the course.

All CKT Level 1 candidates must pass a stringent assessment in order to successful complete the requirements and achieve the Level 1 CKT distinction. The assessment is to be the performance of all level 1 techniques (swing, clean, press, push press, snatch and squat).  For all lifts, form is checked to assure effective understanding and performance of the movements. In addition to the technical assessment, all registrants must pass the following Level 1 test. This is simply a test of minimum standards for Level 1 and a building block for continuous progression in abilities, thus, the focus is on lighter weights and lower volume with exceptional technique.


Hand-hand swing: 20kg x 100: switching hands after each rep is completed.
1 arm clean and press: 20kg x 2 min per hand (4 min set); minimum 8 rpm, 32 reps total non-stop.
Snatch: 20kg x 30/30 with only 1 hand switch, 60 reps non-stop.
Front squat: 20kg x 2 min, 15 rpm, 30 reps non-stop.


Hand-hand swing: 12kg x 100: switching hands after each rep is completed.
1 arm Clean and press: 12kg x 2 min per hand (4 min set); minimum 8 rpm, 32 reps total non-stop.
Snatch: 12kg x 30/30 with only 1 hand switch, 60 reps non-stop.
Front Squat: 12kg x 2 min, min 15 rpm, 30 reps non-stop.

* The above is performed one exercise right after the next with no rest or breaks in between exercises.

* Women under 45 kg can use 8kg and for men under 60kg can use 16kg; men and women over 55 years of age can use 16kg and 8kg respectively.

In the case that a candidate is unable to successfully demonstrate competence in one of more of the Level 1 techniques, the candidate will receive a Certificate of Participation and will need to subsequently demonstrate correction of the techniques. There are numerous avenues in order to accomplish this, including attending a review Level 1 course, testing in person with an IKFF regional representative or by providing video evidence of the corrected techniques.

Upon, registration of this certification you will receive

  • Pre-course kettlebell training guide and course overview
  • CKT Level 1 Fitness Test Prep: This will provide a detailed training schedule to ensure that you are prepared for the assessment test
  • Schedule of the course

Post Certification benefits

  • 15% discount on all of IKFF products (DVDs, books, clothing) and 25% discount on kettlebells
  • Access to the private CKT forum on the IKFF website (www.ikff.net)
  • Eligible for continued education
  • Member of a globally recognised organisation






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