Integrative Training

Equal attention and coordination of the mind, body and spirit and fitness, health and well-being.

Explore the Mind-Body connection through movement; Training will always encompass a focus component. If you train movements, not muscles, the mind and body will thrive. If there are elements of skill, endeavour and fun, you will be hooked.

Think of fitness as a broad spectrum of traits that range from strength, mobility, skill, endurance, flexibility, resilience, stamina, increased range of motion, balance, proprioception, mindfulness, coordination and the marriage of mobility and strength endurance.

Far too many people fall into the weight loss goal mentality. Weight loss is not a measure of health, nor fitness and in many cases it could be considered to be dangerous. The best goals are physical feats of Strength, Endurance and Skill. If you focus on these you will naturally have to get fit, eat the correct food, learn how to restore the body and sleep right. You then get all the other pay-offs as a matter of course; more vitality, more energy and a lean body are all done deals. The issue is always with the focus.

Here are some feats of strength, endurance and skill; how many can you do?

  • Stand or walk on your hands
  • Climb a rope
  • Swing a Gada Mace
  • Swing a sledge hammer with aplomb
  • Perform a Turkish get-up with 50% of your body-weight
  • Be fluid and smooth with the kettlebell snatch, jerk and long cycle
  • Swing Indian clubs and Persian Meels
  • Perform a yoga headstand and a yoga back dome
  • Pull yourself over a bar
  • Complete a ‘skin the cat’ on a set of suspension rings

You can progress towards all of these in your training from any starting point.

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