Persian Meels

Therapeutic and rewarding, Persian Meels are a style of club used in the old Persian Empire in a sports club called the Zurkhaneh, which means ‘HOUSE of POWER’.  The clubs or Meels are heavier compared to the Indian style of clubs. Due to the added length and weight the number of possible exercises is reduced, but the shoulder casting of the club is technically difficult and takes years to fully master and to appreciate. This is an ancient warrior art and done for hundreds of reps at a time.


Training with Persian Meels: Traditionally Persian Meels are swung as a shoulder cast alternately around the shoulders, sometimes with a quarter turn of the body, in time with a drum beat. The meels are held either on or off the shoulders at the front. The swing is rhythmic and when synchronised with your breathing is extremely invigorating and for me has led to feelings of euphoria; it’s a dance of strength.


  • Improve spine mobility and stability
  • Rotational torque development
  • Synchronicity between the left and right side of the body and mind
  • Improve coordination, mental concentration and proprioception, i.e the knowing the position of your limbs in relation to yourself and yourself in relation to external objects
  • Meditation in movement and inner peace
  • Can lead to an euphoric state of mind: an intense feelings of well-being and happiness


Credentials:  I’m a trainer for the Indian Club Swinging Teaching Institute, having learnt from international acclaimed trainers Dr. Mike Simpson, Dr. Colin Hughes, Krishen Jalli, Harry Allick, Paul Wolkowski from Australia and Russ Ogata from Hawaii. In addition I’ve trained with competitive strongman Steve Angell. 

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