Practice and focus

Performance is the product of practice and focus. Progress is a natural state of staying focused.

Develop a subconscious understanding of the techniques until they become reflexes, they become fluid and effortless and so their effectiveness will be at least ten times better. “Be as water my friend”.

It’s not just about the physical practice, but about the mental attitude changes the practice brings you.

Integrative training

Equal attention to the Body, Mind and Spirit; combining timing, balance, rhythm, coordination, proprioception, strength, inner power, conditioning, mobility and agility.

A lifetime of learning

In the pursuit of excellence there is no finishing line. If it was easy everybody would do it but you will be stronger and better because of it.  There is much to do and not a moment to lose. 

Come and join me and learn some of these skills:


History of Physical Culture: Back in the 1800s the Fitness World (called Physical Culture) believed in the beauty of movement, rhythm, balance and strength. Exercises were trained progressively from the beginning of schooling through graduation and beyond. Children grew to adults progressively learning all types of callisthenics, Indian clubs, gymnastics, and much more. The end results were nothing short of magnificent. Displays in the thousands of participants were common in European fitness exhibitions. The beauty of movement, timing, teamwork, balance, rhythm, strength and power were the picture of health, fitness, and well-being.

So what happened?

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Early 1900s: Sports participation overtook Physical Culture training.  1920s: Physical educators said that Physical Culture training was old fashioned. Today: A great deal of physical educators are out of touch with Physical Culture training and afraid of being exposed as unknowledgeable on fitness, and still say it is old fashioned. The sad fact is they do not want to admit is that they don’t know how to teach Physical Culture in a progressive manner. There are no books to follow. It will take too much time to learn and machines are a lot easier to teach. So, what started as beautiful movement and amazing expression of what the body can do, has now changed to simply playing sports and doing isolated training with an emphasis on appearance. An emphasis on appearance is used to sell magazines and other products; vested interests and agendas. People still think that to get in shape you must train as a bodybuilder, using isolated movements.

The Mission: The focus is on the idea of never ending improvement, where there is no finishing line. It’s a lifetime of learning, of self exploration and of appreciating what you can do. It’s not a fad or a trend. It’s about making a lifelong commitment to the ideology of holistic health. Challenge yourself to do the things you have never done before, the only limitations exist in your mind. See through the deception of the fitness ‘industry’; the isolated training, both muscular and mind / body / spirit; on machines, Apps, FitBits and games console training. See through the facade of training for the significance of appearance and the dependence on others for healing our pains through drugs, supplements or other dependency forms.



“Your body and mind will love it, I promise you.”

 – Mike Eves. August 2010


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