“Mike has a wealth of knowledge and I’m constantly learning. Eischens yoga, QiGong and Indian clubs for restoration are awesome too. Thanks to Mike I am well on the way to being ready for the next IKFF workshop and getting my CKT1. If you’re looking for real results, get some kettlebells and Mike is your man” 

Onkar Singh, Birmingham

“We’ve trained with Mike for over two years and couldn’t recommend him highly enough, you’ll learn new skills, get or keep fit, work hard but most of all you’ll have fun doing it” 

Keith and Jean Griffiths, Evesham

“He is worthy of the ‘Master’ title – a term I see far too often abused these days. It was inspiring to see Mike training alongside us, clearly enjoying improving his technique further. I now have a new vigour to learn the art and science of kettlebell training” 

–  Martin Lowe, Brooklyn NYC

“Mike’s training methods focus on the fundamental kettlebell lifts (swing, press, clean, jerk, snatch, long cycle, and Turkish get up) and these are the centrepiece of the workouts he has tailored for me, with a few bodyweight exercises thrown in such as Hindu push ups, Hindu squats, pull ups and some ‘man makers’ for good measure. I am stronger, healthier and I feel more energetic than ever before”

Onkar Singh, Birmingham

“Mike Eves is certainly a Master kettlebell instructor. Not only does he know an awful lot, but he also can do it, and perhaps even more impressively, teach it”

– Stuart Hook, Swindon

“Learnt so much from Mike, he’s truly a kettlebell master!”

 – Pete Galliot, BJJ Champion, Guernsey

 “Thanks to Mike I am pointing in the right direction, not just exercise. I have loved every minute of kettlebells”

Liz Plume, Warwick

“Mike is a great trainer and I’ve learnt a lot from just one session”

Anthony Claxton, Blackpool

“I was extremely pleased to find Mike’s online persona was no different to how he is in real life. Friendly, welcoming and extremely knowledgeable about Kettlebells. Each training session I’ve had with Mike has been appropriate to my goals and has built on the previous session both in terms of technique development and exercise intensity. I’ve always left feeling tired, but not absolutely shattered and not had the disabling muscle soreness the next day, which some trainers see as a badge of honour.  As a result my Kettlebell technique has improved hugely as has my fitness. I’m now able to use heavier Kettlebells for longer sessions than I ever thought I’d be able to. I’m also considering undertaking the level 1 IKFF course”

Dave Philips, Brecon Beacons

Stop your search now; if you want energy, vitality, fitness and positivity then Mike’s your man”

Keith and Jean Griffiths, Evesham

“Thanks for the professional coaching you have given to me. I have now found a workout which can be taken further, you have set a seed which will go on”

– John Davison, Warwick

“It’s been an education! Thanks for the motivation” 

Marina Barker, Warwick

“Mike is a very experienced and excellent practitioner and instructor”

– Steve Cotter, IKFF President and Director

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