Indian Clubs

Indian club swinging is an exercise method based on the swinging of wooden clubs of various weights and sizes. Indian Clubs are very effective tools to exercise with and promote flexibility, coordination and rotational torque.


History:  The practice of swinging clubs for physical fitness was first recorded in ancient Egypt and Persia over 2,000 years ago. Much later Indian clubs were introduced to England by British soldiers who had seen it used in India during the 19th century. They became very popular during the physical culture era of the late Victorian age and used by military cadets. They even appeared as a gymnastic event in the 1904 and 1932 Olympics.  Popularity of the Indian club waned in the 1920s and 1930s as organised sports became more popular. However, a few physical fitness enthusiasts, such as myself,  have revived the popularity of Indian clubs in the modern day citing the numerous health benefits that exercises both the body and mind. Martial artists and swordsmen have used club swinging techniques as a way of exercising, improving flexibility and co-ordination which is essential for hand to hand combat and weapons training.




  • The natural rhythm and movement stimulates both the mind and the body while improving your mobility
  • Improve balance, flexibility and health of the shoulders, especially the rotator cuff, back, arms and wrists
  • Increase co-ordination, timing and skill
  • Improve your posture and increase your vitality
  • Treat and restore the shoulder from injuries, common with lifting weights and martial arts
  • The natural rhythm of club swinging can be used as a form of meditation and / or relaxation
  • Complement kettlebell training with an effective warm up by encouraging a fuller range of motion
  • Swinging clubs will benefit all kinds of sports including; Professional athletes / swimmers / golfers / bowlers / wrestlers / tennis players / martial artists / throwers / basketball players / gymnasts / hockey players / weight lifters / football players / volleyball players / archers / sports trainers / physical therapists.
Credentials: I’m a trainer for the Indian Club Swinging Teaching Institute, having learnt from international acclaimed trainers Dr. Mike Simpson, Dr. Colin Hughes, Krishen Jalli, Harry Allick, Paul Wolkowski from Australia and Russ Ogata from Hawaii. 


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