Kettlebell Training

Body, Mind and Spirit: “It’s an art form, it’s meditative, it makes you more balanced, it’s about stronger bodies and stronger minds, there is never an end, there is no destination, there is just the journey. You can be strong, you can be fit and you can be useful.”


Benefits: When lifting kettlebells using your whole body and mind,  the movements will flow, you begin to dance with the kettlebell and this is where all the benefits come from;  It heals, it strengthens you and it makes you better. It is not a slimming club. If you’re lifting Kettlebells to lose weight or being told to use them by a personal trainer for a weight loss programme then change your trainer,  you are focusing  on the wrong goal. The correct mind-set is how to become a more technically efficient and smoother lifter. In return, you will be increasing your energy levels, your mobility, harnessing your inner power and your performance. To get the most from your Kettlebell lifting you need to get the fundamentals right. Kettlebell lifting is complex and it takes time to learn the subtle movements and the breathing patterns. It will take months, if not years of practice and you have to be patient and learn the right technique for the lifts gradually. 


Credentials: I have been training with kettlebells since 2008 and coaching since 2010.  In 2014 I proudly became England’s first IKFF Master Kettlebell Trainer,  mentored by internationally acclaimed coach Steve Cotter. The IKFF prides itself as being an evolving and ever improving organisation, thus you can feel confident that you are truly learning a cutting edge system and methodology that will deliver results, while at the same time ensuring your safety. In 2017 I won the bronze medal in the English Open Kettlebell Pentathlon.  I am delighted to offer the International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation CKT1 qualification in the UK. The IKFF  leads the way globally in kettlebell training education and it continues to evolve through cutting edge athletic training and conditioning.



Training me with

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I use the highest quality pro-grade competition kettlebells, recommended by the IKFF, delivering performance and technical perfection. I do not, under any circumstances, use cheap low quality plastic or rubber-coated kettlebells, that inhibit your performance. You will be trained to master and constantly fine tune the fundamental kettlebell exercises, several variations and most importantly the key physical training principles associated with each movement.  You will learn the most comprehensive exercises such as the swing, the clean, the jerk, the long cycle, the snatch and the Turkish get-up. You will learn the correct body mechanics, high performance breathing techniques, pacing, fluid movement efficiency and the training  drills required for mastering the key lifts. Please note this is NOT ‘Kettlercise’ or ‘Kettleworx’. When training with me you will learn tried and tested techniques, including proper mechanics and a focus on the development of new movement patterns and ‘groove’ (kettlebell trajectory and position) for all the classical lifts. Too many people are conducting worthless training and claiming to be kettlebell trainers. Authentic kettlebell lifting is efficient, athletic, and HEALTHY.  I guarantee steady gains in strength endurance, balance, mobility, timing, conditioning, coordination and the mental fortitude called for when performing 10 to 20 minute sets on a regular basis.  In essence, your technique is the vehicle that can be used to bring you to a high level of fitness. I offer kettlebell 1-2-1 coaching, online training with video analysis, kettlebell certifications and  kettlebell workshops in and around Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire, North Cotsworld Area and at my own residence just outside Stratford upon Avon.


“Mike’s training methods focus on the fundamental kettlebell lifts; the swing, press, clean, jerk, snatch, long cycle, and the Turkish get up and these are the centrepiece of the workouts he has tailored for me, with a few bodyweight exercises thrown in such as Hindu push ups, Hindu squats, pull ups and some ‘man makers’ for good measure.  I am stronger, healthier and I feel more energetic than ever before. Mike has a wealth of knowledge and I’m constantly learning. Thanks to Mike I am well on the way to being ready for the next IKFF workshop and getting my CKT1. If you’re looking for real results,  get some kettlebells and Mike is your man.” 

Onkar Singh, Birmingham

“I was extremely pleased to find Mike’s on-line persona was no different to how he is in real life. Friendly, welcoming and extremely knowledgeable about Kettlebells. Each training session I’ve had with Mike has been appropriate to my goals and has built on the previous session both in terms of technique development and exercise intensity. I’ve always left feeling tired, but not absolutely shattered and not had the disabling muscle soreness the next day, which some trainers see as a badge of honour. As a result my Kettlebell technique has improved hugely as has my fitness. I’m now able to use heavier Kettlebells for longer sessions than I ever thought I’d be able to. I’m also considering undertaking the level 1 IKFF course.”

Dave Philips, Birmingham

How much does it cost?

Kettlebell private lessons  – one hour in length

  • Pay as you go: £35 per session
  • Pre-pay: 5 x 1-2-1 kettlebell training sessions –£150- SAVING YOU £25
  • Pre-pay: 10 x 1-2-1  kettlebell training sessions –£280 SAVING YOU £70
  • Pre-pay: 20 x 1-2-1 kettlebell training sessions –£500- SAVING YOU £200

Typical sessions  include a warm up / joint mobilisation, skill instruction, Kettlebell drills and protocols and Qigong or Eischens Yoga for restoration.


Online Kettlebell Training is also available – Click Here for more details.


Who is the kettlebell training for? Whether you are a novice, a fitness enthusiast, a fitness professional who would like some knowledge on how to coach and teach kettlebells or just want to brush up on your existing kettlebell skills; I can tailor your coaching sessions to suit.

What you get:

  • My professionalism
  • Top-notch coaching
  • Technical lifting aspects and performance breathing that make a real difference in your performance
  • The use of pro-grade kettlebells and lifting chalk during sessions
  • A program design, suited to your ability
  • Friendly unlimited support by text and e-mail

For more information  email me HERE

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