Kettlebell Workshops

I have been teaching group kettlebell coaching and workshops since 2010 and although I keep evolving, the focus is always the same; it’s about teaching the fundamentals and developing a subconscious understanding of the techniques until they become reflexes.

 What you will learn:

  • Learn how to be smooth, fluid and efficient in your movement
  • Improve your body mechanics, increase your flexibility and mobility
  • How to apply high performance breathing and mental adaption
  • How regulate your tension and sharpen mental toughness
  • How to integrate the mind and body

To register for a kettlebell workshop , please contact me: HERE


Credentials:  England’s only International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation Master Trainer under the internationally acclaimed coach Steve Cotter. Coaching kettlebells since 2010.  Kettlebell Pentathlon athlete – 2017 English Open bronze medallist

The Workshop Program

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The kettlebell workshop consists of lifting skills practice, drills and workouts with the use of kettlebells. You will be shown the correct body alignment, posture, high-performance breathing techniques and an introduction into some of the training methods and protocols. These drills will show how the use of kettlebells can develop a full body workout routine to improve fitness, strength, dynamic power, balance and mental toughness. Learn how their use can take your workout rate ‘through the roof’ despite the challenge of limited time.

Kettlebell workshop – Gainsborough, May 2015


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