On-line Kettlebell Coaching

I offer an inexpensive on-line 1-2-1 kettlebell coaching service for all levels which includes video analysis of your technique.

What you get:

  • Personalised kettlebell training with progressions to reach higher levels of technique and fitness
  • Empowering training and practice allowing you to train independently
  • Learn how to properly execute all of the fundamental techniques involved in Kettlebell lifting; the swing, the snatch, the clean, the Turkish get-up, the renegade row, the squat, the press, the jerk and the long cycle
  • Learn the correction drills to constantly fine tune your technique and the ‘groove’ of the kettlebell
  • Gain one to one feedback and learn the technical details that make a real difference in your performance
  • Learn how to apply the different types of breathing for maximum efficiency in the lifts
  • How to implement mobility and flexibility work specific to kettlebell training


How it works: There will be an initial consultation to discuss what you would like to practice and train. Your training will be continually adjusted in line with your feedback and progression with new programmes and drills added each week that utilises the time that you have. You will receive on-going support to ensure that you continue to improve, despite additional challenges and commitments along the way. Video clips, customised plans and regular motivation are provided.

Video clip example:



For more information  email me HERE

Mike Eves 

IKFF Master Kettlebell Teacher

Kettlebell Pentathlon Athlete 

Price: £69 for 3 months On-line Kettlebell Coaching



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