Holistic Fitness and Wellness

Unique 1-2-1 Physical Culture training and skill practice, including; Kettlebell training, Indian Gada/Mace, Indian Clubs, Persian Meels, body-weight training and restoration.  Making you stronger, healing you and empowering you to be more confident to train and practice independently.

IKFF CKT1 qualification

I am delighted to offer the International Kettlebell Fitness and Federation (IKFF) CKT1 qualification in the UK. I have now certified over a dozen kettlebell enthusiasts and fitness professionals to IKFF CKT standard, enhancing their lifting and coaching skills. The IKFF  leads the way globally in kettlebell training education and it continues to evolve through cutting edge athletic training and conditioning.

Kettlebell workshops

Full or half day workshops available.

Online kettlebell training

Personalised training plans with video analysis.

Preparation for IKFF qualification

For fitness professionals and enthusiasts.




The IKFF prides itself on producing coaches that are the gold standard in the industry. Thus, our criteria for passing is strict. The IKFF CKT1 is a gruelling certification course. Training for two full days with kettlebells, even with light weights, can be tougher than expected. Soft hands must be conditioned and along with good fitness levels are necessary to ensure that you are ready.  I offer certification preparation training in line with what is to be expected, so that you get the most out of the certification. Here’s what people say:

“ Thanks to Mike I am well on the way to being ready for the next IKFF workshop and getting my CKT1. If you’re looking for real results, get some kettlebells and Mike is your man.” – Onkar Singh, Birmingham

“As a result my Kettlebell technique has improved hugely as has my fitness. I’m now able to use heavier Kettlebells for longer sessions than I ever thought I’d be able to. I’m also considering undertaking the level 1 IKFF course.”- Dave Philips, Birmingham

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